Some amount of stress and worry is unavoidable in life.  When stress and anxiety becomes excessive, or worry consumes most of your time, counseling can often help.  You may feel your mind won’t let you stop thinking about things outside of your control, or you may become easily distracted. You might feel helpless when you are stressed, or have fears which interfere with your life.

A counselor can help you recognize ways to constructively process your worries, doubts, and unease.  Our counselors can share tools with you to keep from panicking, and build on your strengths to reduce apprehension and uncertainty in your life.  Our counselors can teach all ages helpful breathing techniques, like pizza breaths (5-7-8) for children, or techniques like grounding or journaling.  Once your counselor has helped you find ways to calm yourself, they can help you get to the root of what is making you anxious.

Teens and children often struggle with anxiety as well, and we have counselors who specialize in these age groups as well.  Your child’s anxiety may look like anger or sadness, but through play therapy or family therapy, your therapist can help you understand what is making your child anxious and how to work through these emotions.  Teens are under more stress than ever, and targeted techniques for teens to process anxiety can help your entire family. We can address anxiety in children and teens both in individual counseling and in family counseling.

At Grace Counseling, we have both male and female counselors who specialize in helping others with anxiety, as well as a warm, comforting environment where you can feel safe and know what you share is completely confidential.  Our front office staff can answer any questions you may have about beginning with a counselor, so call (720) 489-8555 or click here to request your first appointment.

Contact one of our Anxiety Specialists:

Dr. Jessica Pae, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Ken Curry, M.A., LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Sarah Harrison, M.A., LMFT 
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Rob Gibson, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Michael Ballard, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

Tricia Ebel, M.A., LPC 
Licensed Professional Counselor

Gabriel Pfeiffer, M.A., LPCC, NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Danica Hungerford, M.A., LPCC 
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Suzanne Cooper, M.A., LPCC, CAC II 
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Nikki Randall, M.A., MFTC 
Marriage & Family Therapist Candidate