18 Jun

Fast Facts about ADHD

If you are looking for more information on ADHD, or are interested in counseling or psychological testing for ADHD, please call (720) 489-8555 or contact us for an appointment.

11 Jun

Who does Grace Counseling’s benevolence fund help?

Recently, a few of our clinicians sat down to talk about how the benevolence fund has impacted their clients. The benevolence fund provides an option for clients to continue...

06 Jun

Grace Counseling is hiring!

Grace Counseling is currently looking to expand our team by two! If you are interested in applying to either of these positions, please email your resume and cover letter...

28 May

What you need to know about maternal mental health

The month of May brings in spring weather (with the exception of an occasional blizzard!), birds chirping, flowers blooming and Mother’s day celebrations. The spring is a great reminder...

20 May

9 Benefits of Group Therapy for Teens

Growing up during adolescence can be a painful experience. Teens undergo a number of changes affecting their bodies, relationships, and emotions. Many adolescents experience feelings of inadequacy, with their...

14 May

Managing expectations in a new blended family

You came out of a bad marriage, still feeling the sting of divorce and knowing you still needed healing.  But you took some time to get your head right...

29 Apr

Is this counselor a good fit? Featuring Dr. Amy King, PsyD

Tell me a little bit about yourself: I am a new mom to a little boy who was born in January. My husband and I love exploring national parks,...

22 Apr

Taking Relationships Beyond Survival

“If we are in love, this should be easier, right?” You may ask yourself this question after having another major fight. We often believe the myth that love should...

16 Apr

What is Grace Counseling’s Benevolence fund?

Almost half of the people who have a diagnosable mental health concern and need treatment do not go to therapy because of cost. With rising costs in healthcare, living...

08 Apr

Tricia Ebel, MA featured on Girl Above’s podcast

In February, our counselor Tricia Ebel was featured on Girl Above’s podcast.  According to their website, “Girl Above is a non-profit created to inspire young women to live counter-culturally,...

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