Can’t Afford Counseling?

At Grace Counseling, we believe it is important to provide quality counseling as a full service family counseling center.  We also strive to be a positive part of our community, and one way we do this is by offering a benevolence fund to help families in need whose budget doesn’t allow for frequent counseling.

To be considered for our benevolence fund, you first must establish yourself as a client or patient of Grace Counseling.  We wish to be good stewards with the donations given to the benevolence fund, and so it is important to us we understand what your counseling needs are to better inform our decisions.

Once you are established with one of our counselors, you can request an application from our front desk staff. The completed application should be returned to Rebekah Stewart, our office manager.  She will then submit the application to our benevolence team, who will decide how many, if any, sessions can be provided as well as what your out of pocket copay is.

For more information on how our benevolence fund works, please call (720) 489-8555 or contact us.  Please note that this is the process for our in house benevolence fund. If your church is paying all or part of your fees on your behalf, please email Rebekah Stewart for more information.