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Is this counselor a good fit? Featuring Tricia Ebel, MA, LPCC

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

My name is Tricia and I worked in a variety of different industries before diving into the mental health field. My job as a backpacking guide, hotel manager, and inner city leader all uniquely equipped me into being able to do the delicate work of therapy.  I absolutely adore working in a field where every single life experience I have personally endured – both the bad and beautiful – end up being utilized in my work as a counselor.

What clients are you best suited to help?

My best therapeutic work emerges with clients who deeply ache to have fulfilling lives and relationships, yet find themselves unable to make it work, even with considerable effort. The clients who wish they could be satisfied with what they’ve got but find it difficult to authentically believe often encompasses my ideal client. This comes in many forms and in many ages: my clients range from the teenage years and go into mid-60’s and have experienced heartbreak, terror, and calamity all the while trying to shrug it off. My hope is that through our work together, my clients will find themselves at peace with all of their past endeavors no matter their outcome.

What can a client expect in their first session with you?

Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable in therapy is not an easy task, and in our first session together you can expect to be asked a variety of questions in order to make sure you feel like I am personally a good fit (and vice versa). I work extensively with grief, trauma, relationships, and sexuality – all heavy topics – through a lens of narrative and here-and-now approaches.

You work a lot with grief and trauma; do you offer any specialized types of therapy for these?

I’m trained in EMDR therapy, specifically designed for those who have endured trauma, but generally provide guidance in how to manage emotions effectively and sustainably. That’s often my focus – how to learn how to listen to your feelings without shutting them off or letting them run you aground.

What motivated you to become a counselor?

More than anything, I think it is important to say that I find this work to be exactly what I’ve been made to do. It motivates me to personally pursue the treacherous path of health. It energizes deep parts of me that backpacking, hospitality, and inner-city work never touched. I am wholeheartedly convinced that the sacred work of sitting face-to-face in a room without distractions literally heals the heart, mind, body, and soul.

What drew you to Grace Counseling, first as an intern and now as an LPCC, and how do you use your faith in your sessions?

Spirituality and Faith often enter into the room in this kind of therapeutic work. It’s difficult not to question the presence of the Divine when considering how brutally some of my clients have struggled. If you find yourself needing to speak about your doubts, theology, or general Faith questions, I can provide a space to air these concerns with safety and kindness. Being able to field these delicate questions is one of the reasons why I chose to work at Grace Counseling – it is so necessary to be able to ask the questions we feel too scared to speak aloud.


Tricia Ebel, MA, is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate with Grace Counseling.  She has been part of our family since she began her internship with us before graduating from Denver Seminary.  Tricia sees clients at a slightly reduced rate, as she is still under the supervision of one of our psychologists.  Upon meeting with her, you will see why we are so lucky to have her at Grace Counseling.  She is truly passionate about helping those who are hurting, and walking alongside you through a tough journey. To schedule an appointment with her, contact us or reach out to her at TEbel@gracecounseling.net.



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