9 Reasons to Try a Men’s Group

Most men know that we want change and often time is “of the essence”, but why in a group setting? Why would I need to do this kind of personal work with other men? Here’s a few answers to that question:

Men need other men. We don’t have many places where we can interact on this level.

Group therapy builds integrity and strengthens the lives of men in all aspects of life: pleasing, anger, relationships, anxiety, sexual compulsivity, pornography, substance abuse; you know, the things men struggle with. You’ll find that the core problem is the same for everybody; lack of solid integrity. We will build that internal strength in you like nothing else.

Group work is more cost effective than individual therapy.

Studies show that group therapy can be as effective as individual therapy for certain conditions, and the cost per hour is often much less.

Processing your stuff with other men opens you up to the wisdom and support from other men.

Being involved with group requires courage and often a little desperation. Opening yourself to others is not easy, but it is necessary to get where you want to be. You will build trust, empathize, and relate with the other men in the group.

Keeping you from isolation and secrecy, the group process defeats shame like nothing else.

While it takes courage to come forward and admit your struggle, know that the Solid Man Process will get to the core and change your life, forever. You’ll experience acceptance and support.

A men’s group is one of the last places in our world that is a men-only space.

You will gain the personal, sexual health and integrity you really desire in your life by opening up to other men who are struggling with the same or similar issues. Porn and anger will fade away, your ability to relate well will increase.

You’ve probably already found out that you can’t do it on your own.

Tackling these issues on your own is hard, if not impossible.  If you just can’t beat this going solo, it’s time to give group therapy a try.

Your investment with a group of men will change the trajectory of your life like nothing else.

You will need to open up with the men with fearlessness. This will be tough at first, but you’ll experience the benefit right off. Shame will no longer hold you back.

Including other men in your life to achieve your goals is something you will never regret.

You will be part of something bigger than yourself; you will be able be part of a safe space where you and other men can be yourselves.  Your progress will give your peers hope, just as theirs will encourage you to keep working on yourself.

It’s not a “bang the drum, fire circle” thing, but it will connect you back to your masculine soul.

You will be encouraged to take ownership of your feelings, and embrace the man you were created to be.  Men’s groups are a safe place to build integrity, affirm purpose, and leave shame behind.

Take the first steps

Group therapy will require significant personal investment; with time, personal energy and finances. You will need to be “all in”, diving in headfirst. If you are motivated to make a positive change in your life, email me today.


I have five groups that meet weekly, Wednesday morning from 6:30-8am, Wednesday noon (noon-1:30), Thursday evening 5:30-7, Thursday evening 7-8:30 and Friday morning 6:30-8am.

If you are interested or have more questions, Email me at kcurry@gracecounseling.net

Ken Curry, LMFT