Adriana Frazier, APN-CNS, RXN, Psychiatric Provider


• Adults


• Psychiatric Medication


• B.A. – Biology – University of Virginia
• B.S. – Nursing – Rush University
• M.S. – Psychiatric Nursing – Rush University

The decision to see a psychiatric prescriber is not always an easy one to make.  In my experience, people have a wide variety of thoughts and emotions surrounding psychiatric medications, from ‘never take them,’ to ‘here’s a pill to make you feel better.’  The answer is, unfortunately, not quite so simple. My goal in your treatment will never be to just prescribe ‘something.’ My goal will always be to determine if medication is indicated, if so what are the options, and if prescribed, how will we know that it is working?   

The response to medication management is very individualized and is dependent on many factors such as genetics, physiology, use of other substances and medications, and your lifestyle, among many.   During our initial meeting we will look at not just those factors, but your current psychiatric symptoms, past psychiatric history, medical history, social history, and family history. Most of the time we should see an improvement in your symptoms within a few weeks of treatment.   However, there is a possibility that you may not respond to the first medication prescribed, or that the side effects may be too problematic for you. Please do not lose hope – I will always be thoughtful in my recommendation surrounding medication continuation, discontinuation, addition, and adjustment, based on an ongoing assessment in our follow up meetings.  

As a Board Certified Adult Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), I specialize in psychiatric medication management for adults 18 years old and older. I am licensed as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) and have full prescriptive privileges to prescribe psychiatric medications in the state of Colorado (RXN).  I have practiced exclusively in this role since 2013. I have worked both in the inpatient setting as well as the outpatient setting, seeing adult clients with a variety of mental disorders, ranging from anxiety disorders, to mood disorders, to post traumatic stress disorder, and substance use disorders.  

I look forward to meeting with you, and I admire your courage in looking at all your treatment options. Working together requires risk on your part in sharing your vulnerabilities and your experiences of what makes you, You. It is my privilege to join you on this journey.