Dr. Amy King, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist


• Adolescents
• Adults


• Psychological Testing
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Grief
• Parenting
• Pregnancy & Postpartum


• PsyD – Clinical Psychology – University of Denver
• M.A. – Clinical Psychology – Wheaton College
• B.S.B.A. – Psychology, Human Development- University of California, San Diego

Are you ready to break free from your past to pursue a freer, more joyful life? Maybe you have a vision for the kind of future you want, but have not had the right guidance to achieve it.

Many of my clients do not wish to repeat mistakes of the past or they wish to break free from suffering they experienced by others, yet many do not know how. Sometimes this comes from growing up with parents who suffered from addictions or mental health issues (narcissism, borderline personality, bipolar disorder) which bred unhealthy patterns that stubbornly persist into one’s own life. These experiences can perpetuate low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt, depression, fear, and anxiety. It can spill over into unfulfilling relationships, self-destructive habits, chronic dissatisfaction in work or school, and identity crises. Transitions or crises can make these vulnerabilities all the more challenging to navigate alone.

Throughout my formal training, it was important to me to learn from and work with a wide variety of circumstances to gain insights into what promotes and what hurts psychological wellness. I am passionate about helping young adults and adults take charge of their lives, despite challenging upbringings or ongoing mental health symptoms. I have joined clients at many different points along their life journey and have seen that it is never too late to set forth on a new path. Not only do I bring knowledge from formal studies and personal life experience, but I have wisdom gleaned from others who made this same journey, with great success.

In our work together my approach will begin with understanding you and your specific context. How have the experiences in your life led to the present circumstance(s)? What is your vision for your future? After we understand these answers, we will work together to craft a plan forward to unchain the strongholds of the past and forge a path forward that brings greater peace, joy, wisdom, strength, and freedom.

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