Katie Hicks, B.S., Counseling Intern


• Children
• Teens
• Adults
• Families


• Trauma
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief
• Life Transitions
• Parenting
• Women’s Issues
• Reduced Fee Services


• B.S. – Human Development and Family Studies – Colorado State University

Are you facing a time in your life where your current reality or past experiences are getting in the way of living your life fully? Are you feeling disconnected in relationship with yourself, God, and others? Do you feel overwhelmed and alone in anxiety, depression or stress? In the journey of life we can find ourselves in tumultuous circumstances internally, leaving us externally to wonder who am I? Who are my people? Where am I going in life? And what meaning is there? Are you looking for freedom? I know how that feels.

I also know freedom is possible. You can live in fullness and be the person you were created to be. You can thrive! In a welcoming and safe atmosphere I invite you to be exactly who you are. You do not have to hide. Valuing your strengths, I will encourage you to risk and explore the different parts of who you are and the experiences that have impacted your journey. I will support you as you grieve and heal from the hurts and losses of this life. Through the brave journey of healing you will experience freedom and wholeness to journey through this life living in the fullness of life.

Through my life I have always loved people and their stories. We are all unique and have so much to offer this world. As a counseling intern from Denver Seminary I have been trained to guide you through the counseling journey. I have counseled clients through my practicum work at Shepherds Gate counseling and have an educational background in Human Development and Family Studies. Before finding my true calling of counseling, I spent years in education and ministry.

The journey toward healing and freedom takes risk and courage. I can attest that it is worth the bravery and persistence. Through the counseling journey you will believe in your own worth, feel able to engage in close relationships and feel like you have something significant to add to the world. Thriving in life feels different. This can be you!

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