Grace Counseling is more than just a group of counselors – we are a non-profit group of Christians who believe in serving our community, helping those who are hurting, and using our spiritual gifts to bless others.  One way we serve our community is with our internship program. But, we often receive calls, emails, and website submissions asking, “How do Grace Counseling’s reduced fee services work?”

Grace Counseling’s Intern program works in two meaningful ways:

  • Clients who may not be able to afford counseling can save money by working with our interns
  • Interns gain valuable, required experience and training

What is the community impact?

Grace Counseling's Reduced Fee Program Saves families money

Our counselors offer a valuable service, and are passionate about using the knowledge they have to help others. And we want to help as many in our community as we can.

By offering an intern counseling program, we are able to have interns who are working towards a Master’s or Doctorate degree provide counseling services or give psychological tests at reduced rates while giving these students an opportunity for hands-on learning.  People in our community who need access to high quality counseling services or psychological testing now have access at reduced fees. Our interns are able to make connections at schools and churches in our community. We can meet people’s needs, without allowing the usually high cost of counseling get in the way.  Interns are supervised by Licensed Clinicians and meet with them weekly as they are seeing clients.

So, how does this help the interns?


Grace Counseling's Reduced Fee program helps students

Our intern program benefits our community members by giving more people easier access to mental health care.  That alone is reason enough to host interns at Grace Counseling. But, our reduced fee internship program it isn’t just a benefit to the clients. It benefits the interns as well.

Students studying to earn a Master’s or Doctorate degree to work as a counselor are required to have hands on experience, and they can gain that experience at Grace.  By hosting interns at our practice, our counselors are able to stay connected with the newest generation of counseling graduates, and pour into them both professionally and spiritually.  

I’m sold.  How do I schedule an appointment with an intern?

The best first step is to check out our website and look at the Meet the Team page.  Look for our interns, and read what they have to say. Discover what is motivating them to pursue counseling as a career.  Decide who you’d like to meet with, and call our front desk at (720) 489-8555 or click here to request to have someone contact you to set up the appointment.  Our administrative staff will explain how our reduced fee scale works, help you with paperwork and directions, and find a time that works on our intern’s schedule that fits with your busy life as well. It’s that easy.

What if I want to intern at Grace?

If you are a counseling student and are interested in working as an intern at Grace Counseling, click here to find out more about our program, application requirements, and everything else you need to be considered for our program. We look forward to hearing from you!