Men’s Issues

Men's Counseling Denver

Being a man in today’s culture brings forth a variety of issues, whether you are maintaining your faith in a secular culture, trying to define what it means to be masculine, or are just navigating life and finding it difficult to balance all of the expectations others have of you.

Men are expected to play more roles than ever today, and often, the characteristics of these roles conflict with one another.  How do I act like a manly, in touch with nature, mountaineering man, while being sensitive to the needs and feelings of those around me?  Is it possible to live the Biblical definition for a husband when my wife works? Our therapists can help you navigate the 100s of questions just like these that today’s men face.

A counselor can also help you face the temptations society lays at your feet.  We have counselors who can help you with anger, substance abuse, sexual addiction, and a host of other problems.  

Our counselors at Grace Counseling offer a variety of ways to address your needs.  We offer group therapy or individual sessions where our counselors can employ different strategies.  We offer confidential group sessions following Ken Curry’s Solid Man Process, as well as adult Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT for short) groups.  If you would prefer individual sessions, our counselors can employ these methods, and others, in a private, one on one environment.

Each of our counselors have specific abilities which can be catered to your needs.  Get to know the counselors who specialize in the unique issues facing today’s man, and when you’re ready, call (720) 489-8555 or click here to request an appointment.

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