Psychiatric Medication

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Medication can be a helpful tool, and is often paired with counseling. Finding the right Christian psychiatrist is tough.  It’s helpful to have your counselor and your psychiatrist in the same practice. By signing a simple release of information, your counselor at Grace and our psychiatrist will be able to communicate about your needs.  This works in two ways: ensuring you receive the best care possible, and saving you time and money. Grace Counseling is your one stop for all of your family’s mental health needs. We have all of these resources under one roof for your convenience.

Which type of appointment is right for me?

Integrative & Functional Assessment

A whole body and healing-oriented approach seeking to discover the underlying causes for mental health symptoms and a treatment plan using mostly natural options.

2-Hour Initial Appointment – $400

Autoimmune disorder(s), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, “brain fog”, daily headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms (like diarrhea or constipation), depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and those motivated for long-term lifestyle changes which will promote emotional & physical healing.

Appointment Type

Length and Price

Ideal for Individuals With

Psychiatric Wellness Evaluation

A holistic evaluation which screens for factors contributing to mental health symptoms and a treatment plan that includes prescription psychiatric medication(s).

1-Hour Initial Appointment – $225

Mental health symptoms which may be starting to impact quality of life, and/or are causing functional impairment which may include increased relationship conflict or tension, worsening school performance, or the ability to go to work and function at a desired level.

If you think medication is a possible next step in your healing process, and you know which appointment is the right fit for you, call (720) 489-8555 or click here to request your first appointment.  If you know you’d like to meet with our psychiatrist but are unsure which appointment is right for you, e-mail Chelsey Lahr at