Reduced Fee Services

Grace Counseling offers reduced fee services to help provide counseling services for those who are not able to afford them. This helps to prevent one of the most common barriers people have to counseling: finances. We offer reduced fees in a variety of ways: our internship training program, which offers reduced fee counseling and psychological testing, our in-house benevolence program, and by partnering with local churches to accept benevolence payments from churches as well.

Internship and Training Program

Grace Counseling believes in bettering the future counseling community through our training community.  We do this with our internship program, which consists of Master’s and Doctoral level students and our post-graduate counselor candidate. Anyone who is not a fully certified or licensed counselor works under the close supervision of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Our interns are students at local universities who are pursuing various psychology degrees, and part of the degree program is hands-on experience.  By contrast, our post-graduate counselor candidate has graduated with a degree in counseling, passed Colorado’s state test for the licensure they are seeking to obtain, and is working under supervision to obtain a number of hours before they receive their license and are allowed to work independently.  Both of these are options which allow us to offer lower fees to our clients while still providing you with high quality Christian counseling.

In-House Benevolence

Existing clients can benefit from our in-house benevolence.  We receive donations throughout the year that allow us to pay for part of a client’s counseling fees for a short time based on their needs. Fees for these services vary depending on your income.  For information on how to donate to this fund, click here.

Local Partnerships

We also work with local churches who wish to pay for a client’s fees, either in full or in part. If your church is interested in helping with your fees, they should email our office manager, Rebekah Stewart, for more information on how the process works. Our office manager coordinates everything with your church so you can focus on your counseling.

In addition to partnering with local churches, Grace Counseling proudly works with Victim’s Compensation funds from our local judicial districts, and we also partner with Second Wind Fund, which is a non-profit dedicated to preventing suicide in teens by providing counseling and suicide prevention steps.

Reduced Fee Service

Additionally, most of our licensed counselors and psychologists also offer a limited number of reduced fee services for those who are in financial need. To find out more about this option, contact the clinician directly to find out if this is an option for you.

Danica Hungerford, M.A.
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Gabriel Pfeiffer, M.A., N.C.C.
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Suzanne Cooper, M.A.
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Jesse Gerthe, B.A.
Counseling Intern

Joey Hsiao, M.A.
Testing Intern