Men’s Integrity Group

This group builds integrity and strengthens the lives of men in all aspects of life; anger, relationships, anxiety, sexual compulsivity, pornography, things men struggle with. While it takes courage to come forward and admit your struggle, know that this process will change your life. You’ll experience acceptance and support. You will gain the personal growth, sexual health and integrity you really desire in your life. Porn and anger will fade away. Your relationships will be changed. You’ll build the Solid Man five pillars into your life to develop freedom, integrity and strength. I am also certified with Dr. Robert Glover and his No More Mr. Nice Guy processes.

These groups are open which means you can start at any time. You’ll just be beginning, but other men in group are well on their way. This creates a great support system as all the men are on a great journey. This group is led by Ken Curry.

There are five group offerings; Wednesday 6:30am to 8am and noon to 1:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm to 6:55pm and 7:05pm to 8:30pm, and Friday 6:30am to 8am.

If you have more questions, contact Ken at 720.335.0284 or for more information.

An individual session is required before starting group.


Custom Designed Groups

Since groups are an extremely affordable type of therapy, it is possible to have a group designed and created just for you. If you know others who have a similar struggle or want to accomplish similar goals, we can create a specific experience for you. When the financial investment in individual therapy is a barrier, sharing the cost with other group participants helps ease that tension. We are now developing groups, seminars, and workshops to meet various needs in our community. These groups will be developed around specialty areas like grief and loss, trauma, eating disorders, premarital couples, communication, conflict or any number of concerns or challenges people face.

Contact Alex Avila at 720.316.7771 or to share your new ideas!