Women’s Issues

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Our counselors at Grace Counseling understand the unique challenges that come with being a woman today.  We understand and can help you face the different situations you may see, and how your perspective as a woman may influence your experiences. A counselor can help you through women’s issues and various life transitions such as moving, marriage, starting a family, new jobs, or changes in your health.

You may be recovering from a trauma, going through a divorce, struggling with fertility issues, or any variety of issues, and a counselor can guide you through and help you process your emotions in a way which will promote healing and growth.

Women can experience really unique experiences from men; from postpartum depression and pregnancy loss, to being a caregiver or needing career guidance after staying home with children for years, or changing emotions when experiencing menopause and after.  Having a counselor who has specific training on working with women can make all the difference when your life is changing.

Each individual is going to experience life changes and situations differently, and we have counselors who are going to walk through the different emotions you’re feeling.  We can help women of all ages process in a confidential environment. When you’re ready, call (720) 489-8555 or click here to request your first appointment.