29 Apr

Is this counselor a good fit? Featuring Dr. Amy King, PsyD

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I am a new mom to a little boy who was born in January. My husband and I love exploring national parks, hiking, camping, and just being outside. I can’t wait to take our little guy on these adventures too!

How long have you lived in Colorado?

I’ve had the privilege of living in a few different places before calling Colorado home. I grew up in Southern California, attended grad school outside of Chicago, and then moved to Denver in 2011. To finish my doctorate, I moved to Connecticut for two years before returning to Colorado last fall. As much as I love exploring new places, I am happy to be back in Denver and look forward to setting down deep roots in the area.

What clients are you best suited to help?

I feel particularly sensitive to those who survived challenging upbringings. I think there is power in making meaning out of difficult circumstances and reclaiming hope to find satisfaction and joy.

What can a client expect in their first session with you?

I often tell my clients that the first session is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. For me to learn about you and what you’d like help with, and for you to see if I can be helpful to you. Together we will clarify the treatment goals, develop a plan, and discuss next steps. Therapy can be a deeply vulnerable process, so I want to make sure we are addressing your needs and concerns.

What motivated you to become a psychologist?

As a first-generation Asian American and the first in my family to attend college, I learned a lot about forging new paths when circumstances seemed grim. Decisions (ours and others), opportunities, and natural limitations influence us everyday – figuring out how to navigate these issues would have been exponentially harder if I didn’t have  teachers, mentors, and friends who encouraged me and walked with me. Being a psychologist allows me to integrate my lived experiences with formal training to help my clients live meaningful lives.

What is your favorite thing about psychological assessments?

I love psychological assessments because the process elicits in-depth information about a person’s mental health functioning – it can reveal your strengths, personality style, stress vulnerabilities, and growth areas through a systematic process, which can take a lot longer to achieve through traditional psychotherapy. The best part is helping clients apply this to their lives. It might confirm things they suspected about themselves or give them great “aha” moments to help them reach their mental health goals.

How do you use your faith to guide your patients?

Fundamentally, I believe every person is made in the image of God– and, we live in a fallen world. Thus there are challenges we all have to endure, but because of our Creator, we are given unimaginable strength and mercy to overcome the impossible. This hope guides my work as I look for the path through dark circumstances.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Amy King, or any of our counselors, please contact us or call (720) 489-8555. Amy does psychological testing for clients in addition to counseling, and also partners with the Second Wind Fund to provide counseling to suicidal teens at no cost to their families.


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