We at Grace Counseling know choosing a new counselor is a big decision.  We would like to help you make an informed decision by sharing with you information on each of our counselors.  This week, get to know John Hague, and see if he will be a good fit for your needs.  John has been with Grace Counseling since 2017.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, clinical supervisor, and Domestic Violence therapist.

Describe the clients you are best suited to help:

I really enjoy working with young adult to adult males who are working on anger management, emotional regulation, emotional intimacy (or lack thereof).  My prior experience as an athletic trainer helps me understand how to motivate men, and help them to embrace their masculinity in a healthy way.

Can you sum up what you do in one sentence?

I use my experience as a Domestic Violence therapist and clinical supervisor to inform my sessions with individuals with low levels of marital or relationship satisfaction; establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries, self-care and assertive communication.

How do you approach counseling?

I take an eclectic approach to my practice using Motivational Interviewing, CBT, or Systems Theory.  These approaches allow me to meet each client where they are at, and help me to truly collaborate with each client I meet with.

I tend to take a laid back approach to my individual sessions while confronting negative thought patterns, negative emotions and identify patterns of destructive behaviors.  

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love seeing the moment of connection a client makes internally as they decide the course of change they are needing to make in their life. Therapy is much more effective when the client wants to change, and it’s rewarding to watch someone improve.

What are your favorite Colorado activities?

Telemark skiing, alpine skiing, running and mountain biking. I have been known to fly-fish, though I am terrible.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

I like to recharge from the week by reading, running, camping or simply spending quality time with my two golden retrievers and my beautiful wife.

Ready to meet John?

To read John’s full bio, click here.  When you make a decision about who to meet with, call (720) 489-8555 or Contact Us to make an appointment!