Group therapy can be a powerful way to help engage clients.  Research has repeatedly demonstrated that group therapy is highly effective, can provide hope, and gives a sense of acceptance as members are among people with similar struggles.  

Why DBT Group Therapy?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in a group setting also allows each participant to provide feedback and support to each other.  The teens in Grace Counseling’s DBT Group for Adolescents can create bonds with one another and reinforce the skills they are learning because – let’s face it – their peers are cooler than their parents and other adults.  This bonding and camaraderie in the group setting allows individuals to develop interpersonal, relationship and social skills. Your teen will be able to practice the skills he or she is learning in a safe space with other teens who are learning the same skills – making the learning process more effective than if therapy is only done one-on-one.

Group DBT therapy will be helpful in teaching your teen to replace negative, harmful behaviors with healthy ones.  For more information on how DBT therapy works, and DBT therapy can benefit you or your teen, read Dr. Pae’s first blog on the topic: I keep hearing about DBT therapy – what is it?

What to expect:

If you are interested in signing up for the group, you (or your teen) will need to complete an intake session to see if the group is a good fit.  The intake will be used to gather a developmental history and assess the needs of the teen and family. Also, parents and caregivers can also use the time to ask questions about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and how the process works.  If parents, teen, and the psychologist believe it is a good fit, your teen will begin the group.

Groups are offered three times a year during the spring, summer, and fall. DBT Group lasts for about 12 weeks at a time.  It is usually recommended that each teen participate in a DBT group for 9-12 months, because each participant will receive the most benefit by signing up for at least three rounds of group.  Groups are interactive (and can even be fun!) and have 8-12 participants. Each group is approximately 90 minutes and sessions are tailored towards the needs of the participants.

In Dr. Pae’s DBT Group for Adolescents, teens will engage in interactive learning through various activities, receive educational handouts and check in about their week and the skills they used.  Groups are led by a licensed psychologist and an intern. Parents also have one support night during each 12 week session. The parent support night will help you better understand how to support your teen through this process.  

For more information, or to see if DBT Group Therapy is the right fit for your teen, please contact Dr. Jessica Pae at